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Arkki opens new schools in Greece

Arkki starts in Thessaloniki and Trikala In september 2017 Arkki is offering courses in three cities in Greece, as Arkki programs start in the cities of Thessaloniki and Trikala. Courses are available in Greek and English languages, and for the

Arkki pilots architecture as an elective subject in elementary school

First time in Finland: Architecture as an elective subject for grades 3-6 At Puolimatka elementary school in Hyvinkää, Finland, the pupils can now choose to study architecture in weekly classes. Arkki has developed the educational content and trained the school

Arkki´s workshop Lego City in the Night of Arts in Helsinki

More than 1000 kids join Arkki´s workshop during Helsinki Night of Arts For more than 10 years Arkki has participated in the Night of Arts in Helsinki. Arkki´s workshops have grown more and more popular year by year, with more

Empowering children and youth with innovation skills through architecture and design education

Arkki School of Architecture for Children and Youth is the leading institution in architecture education for children and youth in the world. In its field, Arkki is globally one of a kind: no other institute in the world offers as wide a curriculum in architecture education for children and young people.

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