Arkki School of Architecture for Children and Youth is the leading institution in architecture education for children and youth in the world. In its field, Arkki is globally one of a kind: no other institute in the world offers as wide a curriculum in architecture education for children and young people. Arkki education is given by teachers who have a degree in architecture, pedagogical skills and are thoroughly trained for the Arkki concept.

Arkki focuses on mediating architectural understanding and design thinking to children and youth, supporting the development of creativity and three-dimensional comprehension. In Arkki children get to know various aspects of design, from envisioning small objects all the way to whole cities. The objective is not to raise children to become architects, but rather for them to grow up with an awareness of, and interest in, the environment and also to be able to make use of such knowledge in their chosen vocation.

Arkki story

Arkki is founded in Finland in 1993 by architects Tuuli Tiitola-Meskanen, Miina Vuorinen and Pihla Meskanen. In Finland, Arkki«s program has been approved by the Finnish Ministry of Education and Culture as an extracurricular creative education program. Since 1994, Arkki has carried out thousands of workshops with 20.000+ children and youth in more than 20 countries around the world. Arkki offers courses in Finland, Greece, the Czech Republic and Vietnam. Educational services of Arkki include a wide range of architecture courses, including long term step-by-step goal-directed education as well as workshops and short courses. The long term Arkki program covers the ages from 4 all the way to the age of 18.

Skills for future life

Arkki’s mission is to provide its pupils the most essential 21st century skills through architecture and design. Architecture is a form of art bridging humanities and sciences. Since architecture is intrinsically interdisciplinary, architecture education for children is an exceptional way to develop key competences like the “5C«s” – complex problem solving, creativity, critical thinking, communication and collaboration. Architecture offers endless possibilities for STEAM education by holistically intertwining science, technology, engineering, arts and mathematics through architecture. Arkki program fosters hands-on building, creative problem solving and 3D construction. It aims to develop personal creativity and encourage individual and collaborative learning.

We at Arkki believe that architecture education gives children and young people the kind of knowledge and a broader understanding that enables them to take responsibility and to participate in the decision-making and building of our future environment.

Arkki globally

Currently Arkki Schools in Finland are located in three cities: Helsinki, Espoo and Vantaa with 600 + pupils attending the weekly programs of long term architectural education.  Annually c. 7000 children participate in theme courses and workshops in Finland. In addition Arkki offers courses permanently in Greece and the Czech Republic. In 2018 Arkki opened in Vietnam and will expand throughout ASEAN markets in the following years.