Arkki International professional programs received “Authentic Finnish Educational Travel Product” label

Arkki International professional programs  recently was selected as an “Authentic Finnish Educational Travel Product” by a jury consisting of experts from Visit Finland and Finnish National Agency for Education. Our programs were evaluated based on their attractiveness, authenticity, uniqueness, adaptability, educational content and sustainability.

 Arkki offers professional visitor programs which include lectures and hands-on sessions on STEAM and beyond and 21st century skills  through creative and phenomenon based education.

Arkki receives every year thousands of international professional visitors,  pupils, families and corporate groups interested in its wide range of workshops, camps, courses,  long term creative education and team building-sessions at Arkki Finland school, located in the centre of Helsinki.


Arkki has been offering creative education for 25 years,  is rooted in the National Core curriculum and its long term programs are approved by the Finnish Agency of education. Arkki represents the Finnish main values – education, equality, participation, sustainability, creativity and innovation.

 For more information about our international programs please contact Ms. Elena Pinero +358458460300


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